Alma Schreck

Unerhört! Filmfest by Alma Schreck

Welcome to the gallery of FilmFestivalLife,

Our intention of the gallery is to show you the work of both established and promising photographers and artists who will visualize our chosen theme related to a film festival or a filmmaker. Through these visual interpretations you have the chance to get a unique look behind the curtains of film festivals, or meet filmmakers in an original setting. This way the photographers have a stage to show their work, whilst at the same time film festivals and filmmakers get additional media attention in a coherent artistic context.

Since we are a Berlin based company, the idea for the first exhibition was to select an original small festival in Germany and ask a young Berlin-based photographer to do photo reportage about the festival itself. We asked Alma Schreck (23), originally from Stockholm, to portrait the music film festival UNERHÖRT! in Hamburg.

With the first edition held in 2007, initiated by Ralf Schulze, UNERHÖRT! is the first film festival for music films and documentaries held in Germany. The festival shows films featuring musical artists and their works, music festivals, movements in music and the relation and mutual influence of high- and subculture. UNERHÖRT! wants to give a stage to filmmakers and musicians to present their work and reveal the diversity of the genres music and film. Not only is it an event for music and filmmakers, but it is also a great gathering for all music lovers, experts and interested audience.

The 2011 edition of UNERHÖRT! was held April 7th to 10th, simultaneously and in cooperation with the DokumentarFilmWoche in Hamburg, both using the same venues.

Organizers Ralf Schutze (festival director), Stefan Pethke (head of programming) and Andreas Gutjahr (public relations) welcomed Alma and me to Hamburg, and gave us a guiding tour to show their cool event locations, the office they work from and accompanied us to an interesting discussion. Here Alma got the chance to document the festival, whilst having absolute artistic freedom and applying her own personal style. Which she describes as follows:

I photograph what I see, whatever attracts my eye in any, for me, beautiful way. I never think further ahead when I work. I let the picture speak for itself and leave it open for own possible reflection. What I can say about my photography is that I love to work analogue, because of how it enables you to play with both color and form. I tend to lean towards the abstract and experimental, by creating for instance simple collages or work in series. If the result reflects the interesting setting I saw I’m satisfied. Sometimes you don’t get that exact picture, but something else instead and that is the moment when I start to play around and experiment. If the picture can then give the viewer and me another new perspective, it is even better!

Enjoy Alma’s photographic interpretation of the creative UNERHÖRT! music film festival!

Thank you all!