Meet Stefano Casertano on the ‘THE LAST DAYS OF TACHELES’, crowdfunding and online distribution

The name Tacheles is one that hits a spot with any Berliner, native or not. That’s something that’s clear when I see the crowd assembled outside Mindpirates, close to our FFL HQ. The atmospheric, smoky den chosen for the German premiere of FFL filmmaker Stefano Casertano’s THE LAST DAYS OF TACHELES… Casertano’s film is one […]

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DEADLINES • NOV 2011 / #1

We don’t want you to miss any important submission festival deadlines. In the following two weeks lots of noteworthy festivals are having their upcoming deadlines: the True/False Film Fest is actually offering filmmakers, behind schedule, the last chance to submit their films; the Berlinale is requesting shortfilmmakers to submit their works; the Seattle International Film Festival […]

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