Flickerfest: “a world of cinema you cannot easily find anywhere else”

Imagine screening your film on Bondi Beach in the height of the Australian summer. Flickerfest is Australia’s premier short film festival and its Academy- and BAFTA- accredited to boot.

We spoke with their Festival Director Bronwyn Kidd for the scoop on the upcoming edition. She came up with some helpful tips that will be indispensable for your submission.

Andrew Wilkin: What’s new this festival edition?

Bronwyn Kidd: In 2018 Flickerfest will turn the ripe old age of 27 and our festival this year will continue to showcase and celebrate the best, most creative and inspirational storytelling from across the world across our Academy Qualifying and BAFTA recognised competitions. Once again we will award and recognise excellence for all aspects of the filmmaking craft including Best International, Best Australian Best Documentary and Best EU short, with prizes totalling over 40k awarded and of course our festival will again be a huge film party screening under the stars in the peak of summer at Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

AW: What types of films are you looking for?

BK: Our festival screens an exceptionally diverse range of shorts across our 10 day event both in and out of competition. We are looking for films that are creative, entertaining and that show a unique global perspective and that are not stereotyped or cliched copies of mainstream media. Flickerfest films are inspiring, moving, funny, challenging and most of all surprising as our audiences come along to the festival to experience a world of cinema they cannot easily find anywhere else.

AW: What are the trends in Australian cinema that you have noted lately?

BK: Australian films are really coming of age. I’m seeing very sophisticated storytelling and global themes coming through coupled with great production values. I am very much looking forward to viewing this years crop.


AW: What advice would you give to filmmakers for submitting?

BK: Go for it! Enter and don’t try to second guess what we may select as we are looking for surprising stories we havent seen before. We are really open to all styles and themes. Be brave!

AW: What is your favorite Flickerfest moment?

BK: Each year Flickerfest shoots its own short film trailer celebrating the iconic famous films of years past and that always creates some crazy moments. I think the year when we had the trained horse come on stage introducing the films with a voice over artist in the background was one of my favourites for fun and impact on the audience but I have to admit just a tiny bit stressful from a logistics point of view!

AW: What makes Flickerfest a special festival?

BK: I think that Flickerfest has come to be defined over the past 27 years by the quality of the films that we screen across our ten day celebration of the short film art form and the many illustrious filmmakers who have joined the ranks of our alumni over the years. We love short film and have remained committed to sharing this passion with our audiences so the festival is always a huge celebration of the films and their very talented makers.

Alongside our much anticipated screenings under the stars, Flickerfest is known for our legendary filmmaker and industry parties. That’s in addition to our iconic Pavilion location directly overlooking the sands of Bondi beach – making it both a celebration of the best short film culture and Australian beach culture all in one place!

Bronwyn Kidd
Festival Director
Flickerfest Film Festival
12-21 January 2017
Sydney, Australia

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Late Deadline: Sep 29, 2017

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