Meet Stefano Casertano on the ‘THE LAST DAYS OF TACHELES’, crowdfunding and online distribution

The name Tacheles is one that hits a spot with any Berliner, native or not. That’s something that’s clear when I see the crowd assembled outside Mindpirates, close to our FFL HQ. The atmospheric, smoky den chosen for the German premiere of FFL filmmaker Stefano Casertano’s THE LAST DAYS OF TACHELES… Casertano’s film is one […]

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Sarajevo Film Heart Will Beat Again Marking the Festival’s 20th Anniversary

Balkan documentary filmmaking, and especially the short documentary film format, is now at its prime. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Andrea Průchová talked to Rada Šešić, the head of its documentary film competition, about the local documentary film tradition and the festival’s remarkable jubilee in our guest post. […]

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GDAŃSK DOCFILM FESTIVAL about Prison Films and the Documentary Golden Age

‘The documentary film is experiencing its golden era. Nowadays, you can go nearly anywhere with a camera.‘ Katarzyna Warzecha, Festival Coordinator and Programmer of the 12th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival believes 2014 is the Golden Age for documentaries. We talked with Warzecha about a variety of topics such as their brand-new category about prison films, the features of a […]

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  Today we spoke to Alexander Stein, CEO/ Festival Producer of the 29th INTERFILM BERLIN – BERLIN INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL DEADLINE  • 21 June 2013      We always have a different focus every year and this year will be Australia and New Zealand in comparison. We will compare the two different types of filmmaking from […]

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  Today we spoke to Intishal Al Timimi, Director of Arabic Programmes at the  7th ABU DHABI FILM FESTIVAL DEADLINE  • 1 July 2013    I am the Director of Arab Programming and of the SANAD senate – our festival fund. Our fund is created for supporting only Arab Cinema. There is about 23 countries from Iraq to Morocco […]

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  Today we spoke to Mark Peranson, Head of Programming at the  66th FESTIVAL DEL FILM LOCARNO DEADLINE  • 3 June 2013    One thing we are trying to do the last 4 or 5 years is build up the industry component of the festival. And now, as of last year, there are industry screenings for the […]

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